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Veneers help your front teeth to look nice again if you are unsatisfied with their appearance. Veneers are designed to look like your front teeth, and they are colored to blend in with the rest of your teeth. The result they strive for is that your teeth look nice and appealing to yourself and others.

You might consider veneers for a number of reasons. It could be that your teeth are discolored. They could have some issues with spacing, like they are crowding together or are spaced too far apart. They could be somewhat crooked or uneven. They could also be chipped or have some of their enamel worn away.

In truth, the veneers cannot out right fix these issues, but they can conceal them behind a natural-looking facsimile of your front teeth. Many of these issues can be considered minor. They probably do not cause you discomfort; they just have an unflattering look.

An exception to this is the case of worn away enamel. Enamel is important for protecting the inner layers of the tooth, and enamel cannot grow back once lost. Veneers can replace the enamel and provide protection for the inner layers, thus serving a purpose that is more than just cosmetic.

If these issues do cause you trouble or discomfort, other treatments are available that can help you. If not, the veneers can provide a less-invasive means of dealing with them and provide you with a smile that you can feel more comfortable showing.

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