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Do you have an upcoming appointment at our office  that will involve enhancing your smile with dental veneers? If so, you are on the right track toward the beautiful smile you’re looking for. To help you get ready for the treatment, Dr. Michael Kim and our dental team are happy to give you the details regarding your appointment.

When your appointment begins, Dr. Michael Kim will examine your teeth, gums, and underlying bones to make sure this treatment is will work for your smile. If it is, he will numb your mouth to ensure your comfort during your appointment.

When you’re ready, your dentist will shave the enamel off of your teeth to make room for the wafer-thin shells. Once your teeth are the right size and shape, he will make an imprint (which is like a 3-D picture) of the teeth and will send that impression to the dental laboratory. At the lab, your veneers will be custom crafted.

Finally, when the veneers are created and sent back to Michael Kim, DDS, you will visit us for a second appointment. At this visit, Dr. Michael Kim will examine the veneers to make sure they are exactly what you need. If they are good to go, he will cement them over your teeth.

Call Michael Kim, DDS today if you have any questions about dental bridges in Mequon, Wisconsin, or if you would like to know more about your upcoming appointment. All you need to do is dial 262-241-5558 and our dental team will be excited to help you!