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Have you ever set forth a dietary assessment to inspect all aspects of your oral health care in relation to the foods and drinks you consume? If you’re not careful, you could be causing dental erosion and an increased rate of tooth decay and cavities simply by the products you eat on a day-to-day basis. Be aware of products you consume and tasks for which you use your teeth.

Did you know that products that are high in sugars or starches can lead to several different forms of dental damage, including tooth decay, gum disease and cavities? Due to the extreme risks associated with the substances and the buildup of plaque, make sure that not only do you clean your mouth out on a daily basis, but also limit your diet to products that are healthy for your smile.

Never use your teeth in ways that they are not meant to be used. Teeth are only meant to be used for chewing food. If you try to open plastic packaging, chew through inedible materials or try to open bottle caps, you can easily run the risk of dental damage due to fractures in your teeth. Furthermore, you can even knock teeth out or cause them to slip and slide around. To prevent tooth hazard risks and dental damage, only use your teeth for eating.

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