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Welcome to Michael Kim DDS and Melissa Lentz DDSi, who are dedicated to enhancing your smile and restoring oral health through state-of-the-art prosthodontic treatments in Mequon. Our highly skilled dental team offers a comprehensive range of services to address all your needs, ensuring you achieve the beautiful, functional smile you deserve.

Whether you’re dealing with missing teeth or damaged teeth or simply looking to improve your overall dental health, we are here to help with expert care and personalized treatment plans.

What is Prosthodontics?

Prosthodontics is a field of dentistry focused on creating and fitting artificial teeth replacements. This branch of dentistry aims to restore your teeth’ natural function, comfort, and appearance, ensuring you can speak, eat, and smile confidently. Prosthodontists are trained to handle complex dental and facial matters, including restoring missing or damaged teeth and jaw structures.

Benefits of Prosthodontic Treatments

Opting for prosthodontic treatments comes with numerous benefits:

  • Improved Appearance: Prosthodontic solutions can significantly enhance your smile and facial aesthetics, providing a more youthful and attractive appearance.
  • Restored Functionality: These treatments restore the functions of your teeth and allow you to chew, speak, and enjoy your favorite foods without difficulty.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Modern prosthodontic appliances are designed for comfort, fitting seamlessly into your mouth and reducing irritation and soreness.
  • Boosted Confidence: A complete, healthy smile can improve your self-esteem and confidence, positively impacting your social and professional interactions.
  • Long-Term Oral Health: By addressing gaps and damaged teeth, prosthodontics help prevent further dental issues, promoting long-term oral health and stability.

Our Prosthodontic Treatments

At Michael Kim and Melissa Lentz DDS, we offer a wide range of prosthodontic treatments tailored to meet your unique needs:

Flippers & Removable Partial Dentures
Flippers and removable partial dentures are excellent solutions for patients looking to replace one or more missing teeth temporarily or on a long-term basis. They are custom-made to fit comfortably in your mouth, providing a natural look and feel. They are easy to remove for cleaning, making them convenient for maintaining oral hygiene.

Full & Partial Dentures
Full and partial dentures offer a reliable and effective solution for patients missing all or most of their teeth. Complete dentures replace an entire arch of teeth, while partial dentures fill in gaps where multiple teeth are missing. Crafted from durable, high-quality materials, our dentures are designed to mimic the appearance of natural teeth, ensuring a seamless and attractive smile.

Implant Retained Dentures & Partials (Hybrid Prosthesis)
Implant-retained dentures and partials, also known as hybrid prostheses, combine the stability of dental implants with the convenience of dentures. These appliances are anchored to dental implants, providing a secure and stable fit that eliminates the slipping and discomfort often associated with traditional dentures. This treatment offers the best of both worlds, giving you the confidence to eat, speak, and smile freely.

Are Prosthodontic Treatments Painful?

Prosthodontic treatments are generally not painful, as they are performed under local anesthesia to ensure your comfort. Some procedures, particularly those involving surgery, may result in temporary discomfort or swelling, which can be managed with pain medication and proper aftercare.

How Long Do Prosthodontic Appliances Last?

The lifespan of prosthodontic appliances depends on the type, the materials used, and how well they are cared for. Dentures and bridges can last 5-10 years on average, while dental implants can last much longer with proper care. Regular dental exams and good oral hygiene practices are essential for extending the life of your prosthodontic appliances.

Why Choose Michael Kim DDS and Melissa Lentz DDS?

Choosing Michael Kim and Melissa Lentz, DDS, for your prosthodontic needs means opting for excellence in dental care. Your Mequon dental practice is committed to providing personalized, patient-centered treatment plans catering to your needs and goals. We use the latest technology and dental techniques to ensure optimal outcomes and a comfortable, stress-free experience.

Our dental team is dedicated to continuous learning and professional development. We stay abreast of the latest advancements in prosthodontics to offer you the best possible care. We understand the importance of a functional and beautiful smile and are here to help you get just that.

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