Get Whiter Teeth While Raising Money for Charity: The Smiles for Life Foundation

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Have you been thinking about freshening up your smile? Do you want to raise money for charity? Then now is the time. Make an appointment for teeth whitening with Dr. Michael Kim and your money goes straight to the Smiles for Life Foundation.

Located in a state-of-the-art facility in Mequon, Wisconsin, our practice emphasizes high-quality, personalized care as well as giving back to our community and the world. Dr. Kim and our staff treat patients of all ages, offering everything from preventive and general dental care to implants, teeth whitening and straightening, gum disease treatment, and more.

Teeth whitening

Most people realize the importance of regular teeth cleanings but don't always think of other upkeep methods like teeth whitening. Over time, teeth can get stained from drinks like coffee, tea, soda, and red wine. Tobacco can also cause teeth to lose some of their luster. The mineral fluoride can help prevent tooth decay, but ironically, too much can lead to discoloration. Medications like the antibiotic tetracycline can also wreak havoc on the appearance of teeth.

Whether you choose a one-time appointment in the office or decide on take-home trays you can wear daily, professional teeth whitening can reduce stains both on the surface and deep into your teeth.

Smiles for Life Foundation

Teeth whitening can be performed year-round but spring is an especially good time to get it done. Not only does it give you a bright, white smile just in time for summer, but your payment is donated directly to the Smiles for Life Foundation when the service is performed in March, April, May, or June.

Along with hundreds of other dentists throughout the United States and Canada, Dr. Kim and members of our staff volunteer our time doing teeth whitening procedures to help disabled, seriously ill, and underprivileged children in Wisconsin and throughout the world. It’s a team effort: All whitening supplies are donated to the participating dentists by Ultradent, the maker of Opalescence teeth whitening gels. Since 1998, the Smiles for Life Foundation has raised over $40 million.

Each participating dentist designates half of the money they raise to a charity partner of their choosing. The Smiles for Life Foundation directs the other half to vetted and established charities around the world. When you get your teeth whitened, you simply write a check to the Smiles for Life Foundation instead of our practice — the process couldn't be easier.

Smiles for Life is run by the Crown Council, a collection of dentists like Dr. Kim who place a high priority on dental excellence, continuing education, patient-centric treatment, and charitable endeavors.

If you're looking to lighten and brighten your smile and want to donate money to a great cause, call our office at 262-232-7045 to book an appointment with Dr. Kim today.

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