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Poor oral hygiene habits can create an acidic environment in your mouth that also bolsters the population of the natural bacteria on your teeth and gums. As this happens, you are increasingly likely to experience a cavity on one of your teeth.

Left untreated, the area of tooth decay can gradually start to spread and compromise a significant amount of the tooth. It could potentially cause an infection in the pulp or root of the tooth and even lead to the complete loss of the tooth.

Fortunately, with early diagnosis, Dr. Michael Kim can often treat a small cavity with a composite dental filling. This will prevent the tooth decay from spreading, thus preserving the tooth without the need for more invasive dental care.   

After numbing the tooth, Dr. Michael Kim will remove all traces of tooth decay. This will prepare a clean healthy surface to bond the dental filling. Composite dental fillings are made from a special type of dental plastic that can be shaded to match seamlessly with the surrounding enamel and can be applied in a single appointment. 

If you are in the Mequon, Wisconsin area, and you suspect a cavity has developed on one of your teeth, please call 262-241-5558 to have it treated at Michael Kim, DDS.